Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend In Brighton!

Hey Y'all!

Allix, our friend Priyanka and I decided to take a fun weekend trip to Brighton. After waking up before the sun, and catching a train down to the sea, walking an hour in the blistering sun insearch of a bus,  we ventured to Housedean Farm to do a little mountain biking. But that is another post within itself.

After our adventure on the mountains we took a bus back to Brighton to do some exploring. I personally loved the town. It was full of many many people, restaurants and shopping. We found our accommodations, took quick showers to wash off the mud from our biking experience, then we were off to paint the town.

We walked down to the beach and walked to the Brighton Pier, which was very reminiscent of the Santa Monica Pier back in the states. The beach itself is nothing impressive, but that is why I enjoyed it. There were so many people, and no one cared that it wasn't a nice beach. It was just a cool place to hang out.

Our next plan was to go to a restauraunt to watch England's first game in the World Cup. Turns out that the combinaton of waking up at 4 A.M., mountain biking, and getting glaring looks from angry british people for stealing the only table right in front of the television is not a good combination. We all mutually decided that it was best for us to go back to our room and watch the game from the comfort of our beds. That plan only lasted about 10 minutes until we all had fallen asleep!

The next morning we were in dire need of a good breakfast, so we headed to a local favorite called Bill's. It is now a tourist favortie in my book. We spent the day walking around the town and shopping in Brighton's well known "laines." After heading back to the train station and getting on a train we were shocked by the amount of people returning to London. Allix and I had to make our selves comfortable on the floor....this wasn't our proudest moment! But overall, we had a perfect weekend that we will never forget.

Allix & Shelby

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