Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Daily Mirror

Hey Y'all!

We are now in week two of our fabulous internship at the Daily Mirror. We have had the experience of our lives so far. We spend our days packed with things to do, which we actually really enjoy. We feel like we actually have a place at the company. Our bosses Dinah and Didi are so lovely and give us free reign on projects we are working on. 

So far we have found credits for all of the apparel in the shoots, call PR companies to request samples, and we have even been able to put together stories with our own by lines. Shelby's first story was printed on June 3rd. 

We both wrote a story this week for fathers day which will be published next week, so keep your eyes peeled! We can't wait to experience more, but we are sad that it is coming to a close. We must make the last 5 days count!

Until Next Time
Allix & Shelby

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