Friday, May 30, 2014

Weekend Recap | Week 1

Hey y'all!

Welcome to the recap of one of the busiest and most exciting weeks of our lives!

We started the week by heading over the hill, the Notting Hill that is, and browsing the unique shops of Portobello market! The market was a feast for the eyes with the array of colors and the variety of whimsical and English merchandise. The Notting Hill Bookstore was one of our most memorable stops as it served as the focal point of one of our favorite rom coms starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts!

Heading down the hill we made our way to the mecca of London shopping otherwise known as Oxford street. While there we explored the many floors of Topshop, Office, and Nike.

Strolling through Hyde Park was our next adventure while we made our way to our buddy Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. The feeling of being in London finally hit us when we heard the rings of the legendary clock tower. The next 6 weeks are going to be some of the best of our entire lives!

The cherry on top was the view from the top of the London Eye. The veins of the city were unreal and absolutely magnificent.

Stay tuned for the rest of our fantastic english adventures!!

Allix and Shelby

Changing Of The Guard

Hey y'all!

We had the pleasure of visiting the humble abode of the Queen of England today for the traditional Changing of the Guards.

After what must feel like an eternity, but which is actually an eight hour shift, the old guard, dressed in traditional English military garb, is replaced with a new guard in what is called the Changing of the Guard or Guard Mounting.

Marching in a synchronized pace, led by Royal stallions (just really important horses), the guards made their way to the black and gold gates that surrounded the stunning architecture of Buckingham palace.

When we weren't distracted by the thoughts of the phenomenal history that speaks from the walls of the palace and the royalty hidden inside, we caught the old guards stepping to a perfected rhythm of change and order, switching out the old with the new.

The day started off with a perfect mix of history and delight thanks to the old English traditions that spark the minds of new visitors everyday.

We can't wait to absorb more London history soon!

Allix and Shelby 

Friday, May 23, 2014

America Vs. England | Part One

Hey Y'all!

We have been in London for two whole days now. We are absolutely loving it! We are finally settled into our flat that we share with two of our lovely friends Priyanka and Lindsay.

Yes, America and England both speak English. No, not every word means the same things! Here is part one of a couple differences we have found between England and America. 

                                                    England                 America
                                                    Brollies                   Umbrella
                                                    Chips                      French Fries
                                                    Crisps                      Chips
                                                    Biscuits                   Cookies

As soon as we got here our entire group has been taken down by a bad case of allergies. It's a constant round of sneezes as we are walking around. We have learned that no one says God Bless You here when you sneeze. We have all been raised to say it, and every time we say it, which is quite often, everyone here gives us the strangest looks. 

Check back soon for new updates!

Allix & Shelby

Friday, May 16, 2014

About Us | Shelby & Allix

Howdy Ya'll! 

Hi, we are Allix and Shelby! Two best friends, both originally from Dallas, met in New York City, and now living out our dreams in London, England!

Allix and Shelby have been best friends for almost two years now. We share a love of Texas, New York, fashion, Pinterest, music, and of course One Direction! Our friendship pretty much started by bonding over our love for Harry Styles. Still to this day we probably talk about him every day. We have no shame. I mean c'mon, he's beautiful!

In just four days we re headed off to London, England to intern at the Daily Mirror! Catch up with us on here to see everything we get up to, how we are enjoying our internship experience, and of course our two week travels around Europe after we leave London!

Hope you all enjoy!

Allix & Shelby