Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend In Brighton!

Hey Y'all!

Allix, our friend Priyanka and I decided to take a fun weekend trip to Brighton. After waking up before the sun, and catching a train down to the sea, walking an hour in the blistering sun insearch of a bus,  we ventured to Housedean Farm to do a little mountain biking. But that is another post within itself.

After our adventure on the mountains we took a bus back to Brighton to do some exploring. I personally loved the town. It was full of many many people, restaurants and shopping. We found our accommodations, took quick showers to wash off the mud from our biking experience, then we were off to paint the town.

We walked down to the beach and walked to the Brighton Pier, which was very reminiscent of the Santa Monica Pier back in the states. The beach itself is nothing impressive, but that is why I enjoyed it. There were so many people, and no one cared that it wasn't a nice beach. It was just a cool place to hang out.

Our next plan was to go to a restauraunt to watch England's first game in the World Cup. Turns out that the combinaton of waking up at 4 A.M., mountain biking, and getting glaring looks from angry british people for stealing the only table right in front of the television is not a good combination. We all mutually decided that it was best for us to go back to our room and watch the game from the comfort of our beds. That plan only lasted about 10 minutes until we all had fallen asleep!

The next morning we were in dire need of a good breakfast, so we headed to a local favorite called Bill's. It is now a tourist favortie in my book. We spent the day walking around the town and shopping in Brighton's well known "laines." After heading back to the train station and getting on a train we were shocked by the amount of people returning to London. Allix and I had to make our selves comfortable on the floor....this wasn't our proudest moment! But overall, we had a perfect weekend that we will never forget.

Allix & Shelby

Biking Brighton Early

Hey y'all!

Shelbs and I can't believe another week in this amazing country has already passed. This past weekend was filled with muddy scrapes, belly laughs, and mountain biking. As you well know, Shelbs and I are huge fans of the outdoors, anything that deals with physical acitivy, and ruining our hair with dirt and sweat. One of the reasons that we are best friends is because we both 100% disagree with that statement completely.

We pushed our limits recently with our surprisingly fun mountain biking experience in Brighton. Our friend Pri, Shelbs and I, made our way out to Brighton with high hopes and an eagerness to explore. Little did we know that we would do most of our exploring in the bandaid section at Boots thanks to our adventures.

We started off the morning at the amazing family owned Housedean Farm filled with real cows, gorgeous views and rugged trails. The owner of the farm checked us in and then proceeded to ask us if this was our first time "mountain" biking. Puzzled, the three of us looked at each other and then looked up at the sky while quietly whispering, "Jesus, take the wheel."

Our first hill might as well have been a direct path to the moon due to its steepness but, we never gave up. The look on Shelby's face while dragging her bike up Everest was one I will never forget. It was one of those priceless moments where you had no other choice but to look at the positives in the situation like the fact that it would eventually end.

After falling down a muddy hill MULTIPLE times, developing itchy bumps from an unknown plant species, and paranoia from lack of wifi, could in no way silence our roaring laughs from the irony of the situation. Send three girls from FIT out mountain biking and expect the greatest plot line for a comedy show ever discovered.

Needless to say, the three of us took an absolutely impossible situation and made it into one of the best experiences of our lives. We will remember those hills forever. Let's just hope that next time we decide to go biking it involves a basket full of flowers while on our way to Starbucks.

Allix & Shelby

Friday, June 13, 2014

Weekend Recap | Week 3

Hey Y'all!

This weekend was one that Allix and I had been looking forward to for about 2 1/2 years. This was the weekend that we were finally visiting the home of THE HARRY STYLES. I mean, what could be better than that?

We started our day by catching a quick, and cheap, Uber London to Euston station for our 8:00 train to Manchester. After catching up on our sleep during the beautiful ride north we had finally arrived to a place that was way different than we had expected. We had expected Manchester to be a lot like London, but boy were we wrong. It was very crowded, and very small. The Parklife musical festival was happening the same weekend, so we were constantly dodging the thousands of young girls and boys who came to partake.

Allix and I found a cute garden outside of a cathedral so we stopped to take in the beautiful view, and of course to snap a few pictures because life is always a photo shoot with us! After our relaxation in the sun, it was finally time to go off to Holmes Chapel. After dreaming about this moment for years, we couldn't believe it was actually happening. As we stepped off the train into the tiny village in Cheshire, we were astounded by the beauty.

Our first stop was of course W. Mandeville Bakery where Harry used to work. Unfortunately we weren't able to taste the amazing pies and pasteries because the bakery is closed on Sundays. It was so surreal to stare in the windows and imagine that he used to be here every weekend.

Next up we popped into The George & Dragon, one of Harry's favorite restaurants to grab a quick dinner. Leave it to us Texans to find Chicken fajitas in a restauraunt in northern England. We felt right at home.

We had about an hour and half until our train back to London, so we decided to walk around the village. It was a beautiful evening. We still couldn't believe that we were actually in Holmes Chapel. Never in a million years did I think that I would actually be visiting his hometown.

Well, now that we have officially scared you all off....hahah we promise we aren't this crazy usually, but when it comes to those British musicians we just can't help ourselves. Check back soon for our adventures from our last week in London. We are so sad it is coming to an end!

Allix & Shelby

One Direction Mania!

Hey Y'all!

As most of you are well aware, Shelbs and I are 110% obsessed with five beautiful lads from the United Kingdom (and Ireland) . Our friendship started with our love for Harry Styles, and now it has continued all the way to Wembley Stadium in London where we saw them perform!

The night of the concert was hands down (or hands up) the best night of our entire lives. Our first glimpse of Wembley with the giant LED "One Direction Tour" sign leading the way, was like our very own yellow brick road leading us home. After paying way to much for a shirt we stumbled upon the already huge line of anxious girls waiting to file into the blue section that was planted right in front of the epic Wembley stage.

Already having stood for 4 hours, Shelbs and I were numb from the shoulders down and dying of anticipation and excitement. The opening act was one of our other favourite boy bands, 5SOS, coming straight from Australia. Give a cute boy a guitar and an accent and we are hooked.

Pumped and ready to go it was finally time, the boys we have chased and admired for three years were about to stand 20 feet in front of us belting out our favourite tunes. You could say Shelbs and I are bursting from the seams at this point.

The first glimpse of Harry Styles (Shelbs's husband) and Niall Horan (my husband) was a sight I will never forget. I am convinced that Niall waved directly to me during the opening song, not just one of the random girls in the crowd. We definitely had a moment.

Ending the night with sore feet, full hearts, and deaf ears, you could say that our love for these boys has grown in a way that we never thought possible. If we weren't already obsessed, we are more than obsessed now.

London, thank you for giving us the five most perfect lads on this earth!

Allix and Shelbs

A Night In Leicester Square!

After a long week of interning and exploring London, our flatmates, our friend Matt, and us went out in Leicester Square to see Matilda the musical. 

We had all grown up being scared of Miss. Trunchbull, so we were incredibly excited to relive our childhood memories. 

The surprise of Miss Trunchbull being played by a man instead of a woman was almost as funny, and memorable, as the incredibly talented ensemble of kids that entertained us the rest of the night. 

From the set, to the choreography, to the catchy and whimsical musical numbers, you could say that Matilda will go down as one of our favorite musicals of all time, not to mention that the entire cast had british accents! 

The culture of London as contagious as it is eclectic. Every second of the day is filled with entertaining and extremely unique experiences that continue to make this trip one of the best of our entire lives. 

Allix & Shelby

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Weekend Recap | Week 2

Bonjour y'all!

Shelbs and I have now experienced the amazing magic that is the city of Paris. With our diet consisting of chocolate croissants, Laduree maccaroons, and cheesy crepes you could say we could definitely get used to the French lifestyle.

Shelbs had been to Paris once before but this was my first time, and certainly not my last. Even though we didn't make it in time for Kimye's wedding we still had the time of our lives. That first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower in the hazy Paris sun was a sight more beautiful than any other I have seen in my 21 years here on earth (maybe a close second to seeing Harry Styles but that's another post). My expectations were exceeded in every category from the sophistication of the accents to the monuments dripping with history and significance.

We made our way down the The Avenue des Champs-Élysées and made a pit stop in Louis Vuitton only to remember we don't have a million dollars and have dad's who wouldn't let us back into America if we brought Louis home with us. Lunch at Laduree was like having lunch in Marie Antoinette's private dining room. The attention to detail in the decor and, the beauty of the french architecture, came only second to the sights and smells of the hundreds of pastries waiting to be bought by the hands of people who waited in a line that wrapped around the store. Thank heavens macaroons are gluten free.

Shelbs and I decided to end the day at the famous lock bridge where people from around the world put a lock on the edge of the bridge for someone they love. Since Shelbs and I didn't bring our boyfriends with us to Paris, nor do we know who they are, we decided to put locks on the bridge for each of our parents. They are for eternity locked in love.

Paris has been one of the most memorable trips of our life and we could not have thought of a better way to spend a weekend during this amazing time in London!

Stay tuned for our upcoming adventures!

Allix and Shelby

The Daily Mirror

Hey Y'all!

We are now in week two of our fabulous internship at the Daily Mirror. We have had the experience of our lives so far. We spend our days packed with things to do, which we actually really enjoy. We feel like we actually have a place at the company. Our bosses Dinah and Didi are so lovely and give us free reign on projects we are working on. 

So far we have found credits for all of the apparel in the shoots, call PR companies to request samples, and we have even been able to put together stories with our own by lines. Shelby's first story was printed on June 3rd. 

We both wrote a story this week for fathers day which will be published next week, so keep your eyes peeled! We can't wait to experience more, but we are sad that it is coming to a close. We must make the last 5 days count!

Until Next Time
Allix & Shelby

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

America Vs. England | Part Two

Hey y'all!

Well, we have officially survived our first two weeks in England. I think it is safe to say that we both never want to leave. We have fallen in love, even with the funny quirks that England has! Here are a few more differences that we have found between America and England!

America                    England
sidewalk                     pavement
televesion                           tellie
rain boots                        wellies
movie theater                  cinema

Our favorite thing to say is.....sorry? In America, when you don't hear what someone said, or you need them to repeat it we usually say a series of huh? or what? Well in England, it is much more proper and they say sorry? It's the cutest thing ever and we have started adapting and saying it ourselves. 

Until Next Time
Allix & Shelby