Friday, June 13, 2014

One Direction Mania!

Hey Y'all!

As most of you are well aware, Shelbs and I are 110% obsessed with five beautiful lads from the United Kingdom (and Ireland) . Our friendship started with our love for Harry Styles, and now it has continued all the way to Wembley Stadium in London where we saw them perform!

The night of the concert was hands down (or hands up) the best night of our entire lives. Our first glimpse of Wembley with the giant LED "One Direction Tour" sign leading the way, was like our very own yellow brick road leading us home. After paying way to much for a shirt we stumbled upon the already huge line of anxious girls waiting to file into the blue section that was planted right in front of the epic Wembley stage.

Already having stood for 4 hours, Shelbs and I were numb from the shoulders down and dying of anticipation and excitement. The opening act was one of our other favourite boy bands, 5SOS, coming straight from Australia. Give a cute boy a guitar and an accent and we are hooked.

Pumped and ready to go it was finally time, the boys we have chased and admired for three years were about to stand 20 feet in front of us belting out our favourite tunes. You could say Shelbs and I are bursting from the seams at this point.

The first glimpse of Harry Styles (Shelbs's husband) and Niall Horan (my husband) was a sight I will never forget. I am convinced that Niall waved directly to me during the opening song, not just one of the random girls in the crowd. We definitely had a moment.

Ending the night with sore feet, full hearts, and deaf ears, you could say that our love for these boys has grown in a way that we never thought possible. If we weren't already obsessed, we are more than obsessed now.

London, thank you for giving us the five most perfect lads on this earth!

Allix and Shelbs

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