Friday, June 13, 2014

A Night In Leicester Square!

After a long week of interning and exploring London, our flatmates, our friend Matt, and us went out in Leicester Square to see Matilda the musical. 

We had all grown up being scared of Miss. Trunchbull, so we were incredibly excited to relive our childhood memories. 

The surprise of Miss Trunchbull being played by a man instead of a woman was almost as funny, and memorable, as the incredibly talented ensemble of kids that entertained us the rest of the night. 

From the set, to the choreography, to the catchy and whimsical musical numbers, you could say that Matilda will go down as one of our favorite musicals of all time, not to mention that the entire cast had british accents! 

The culture of London as contagious as it is eclectic. Every second of the day is filled with entertaining and extremely unique experiences that continue to make this trip one of the best of our entire lives. 

Allix & Shelby

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