Friday, May 23, 2014

America Vs. England | Part One

Hey Y'all!

We have been in London for two whole days now. We are absolutely loving it! We are finally settled into our flat that we share with two of our lovely friends Priyanka and Lindsay.

Yes, America and England both speak English. No, not every word means the same things! Here is part one of a couple differences we have found between England and America. 

                                                    England                 America
                                                    Brollies                   Umbrella
                                                    Chips                      French Fries
                                                    Crisps                      Chips
                                                    Biscuits                   Cookies

As soon as we got here our entire group has been taken down by a bad case of allergies. It's a constant round of sneezes as we are walking around. We have learned that no one says God Bless You here when you sneeze. We have all been raised to say it, and every time we say it, which is quite often, everyone here gives us the strangest looks. 

Check back soon for new updates!

Allix & Shelby

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