Friday, May 16, 2014

About Us | Shelby & Allix

Howdy Ya'll! 

Hi, we are Allix and Shelby! Two best friends, both originally from Dallas, met in New York City, and now living out our dreams in London, England!

Allix and Shelby have been best friends for almost two years now. We share a love of Texas, New York, fashion, Pinterest, music, and of course One Direction! Our friendship pretty much started by bonding over our love for Harry Styles. Still to this day we probably talk about him every day. We have no shame. I mean c'mon, he's beautiful!

In just four days we re headed off to London, England to intern at the Daily Mirror! Catch up with us on here to see everything we get up to, how we are enjoying our internship experience, and of course our two week travels around Europe after we leave London!

Hope you all enjoy!

Allix & Shelby

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